Responder invests in disruptive technology, innovative companies, and like-minded, passionate individuals. We search for opportunities where we can leverage our unique expertise and network to help promising entrepreneurs and technology realize full potential. Ultimately, we believe first responders are underserved, and technology is vital to the solution.

Therefore, our mandate is simple; identify and empower the top entrepreneurs and technology potentially beneficial for first responders. This technology could come from outside the public safety network or within. The common characteristics we require is a driven, committed and trustworthy leadership, a disruptive product that can aid and enhance the job of first responders, and a company that is both defensible and scalable.

We invest in early stage companies that have at a minimum a proven, defensible and market ready product. We typically invest $250k – $1 million with the potential to invest up to $5 million internally and larger with our syndicate partners. We seek to participate in Series A and Series B financing rounds.


  • Strong, committed, trustworthy leadership
  • US based, ideally Southeastern
  • Strong IP protection
  • High barriers to entry
  • Minimal competition


  • Satisfies unmet or underserved public safety needs
  • Near market ready (pre-revenue within public safety)
  • Minimal product alternatives or disruptive technology
  • Financially viable price point


  • Early stage, Series A or B
  • Straight equity, preferred shares, and convertible notes
  • Target investment size of $250k - $1mm
  • Have the ability up to $5mm internally, larger with partners
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