Responder is built on passion, experience, and drive. On passion for the people and purpose of public safety. On experience as practitioners within law enforcement, EMS and fire safety and experience as investors and operators. On drive as a highly motivated team to deliver vital technology into the hands of first responders and top-tier returns to investors.

We’ve leveraged these traits with a deep network of strategic advisors within the public safety, regulatory and financial communities for which we serve.

In combination, Responder Ventures forms a unique team of investment professionals with the operational and industry experience required to successfully navigate the complex markets of municipal and federal public safety.

Our passion as a team, our experience as individuals and our drive as investors, creates valuable partnerships for early stage company’s ambitious for growth.

Issues Responder Solutions
Underserved Investment Market
  • Filling the investment gap with focused investment thesis
  • Guide top quality co-investors into market
  • Institutional investment rigor
  • Sourcing off market opportunities
Difficult to Understand
  • Passionate founders
  • Experienced professionals on team
  • High level government relations insights
  • Strategic relationships
Unment Buyer Demand
  • Knowledge of industry demand for commercial ready solutions
  • Predicting market trends
  • Legislative intelligence
  • Bridges gap between market and technology companies
Company Level Execution Risk
  • Active investor
  • Business acumen and experience
  • Monitoring and oversight
  • Strategic alliances
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Responder Ventures